Why Some People Don't Take the Florida Premarital Course

During my time with Envision Love, I have come across different couples that have believed that they would not benefit from premarital counseling. I decided to share a short list of reasons why people choose not to take a Florida premarital course with the hope of demonstrating the genuine importance of premarital counseling for your relationship. - Kayla

1. "We're too busy and don't have time to take our Florida premarital online course."

Whoa! If you're too busy to spend time getting to know your partner and prepare for marriage, how are you going to squeeze in time for fun and romance together once you're married? For those that wish to spend only a short amount of time taking a premarital course, the State of Florida only requires 4 hours to be spent in a course in order to get a completion certificate! This makes our Florida premarital online course very convenient for couples that have time constraints. Since our course is fully online, couples have the added benefit of being able to take the course at their leisure, and it doesn't need to be completed in a single session (unless you choose to do so).

2. "We live together and have been together so long that we don't need to take a marriage preparation course."

While it's great that you're confident with your relationship, don't expect that you, your partner, or your relationship will always be the same! When you're living together, usually you still have individual lives, separate finances, and an overall different mindset. Understanding the changes that will come with marriage (legally and otherwise) will help you be better prepared to make smart decisions together when the time comes.

3. "I want to take premarital counseling, but my soon-to-be spouse isn't interested."

At least your soon-to-be spouse was up-front! But in order to combat this, you would need to determine the reason that they aren't interested. After all, research indicates that by taking a Florida Premarital Course, you reduce your likelihood of divorce by 30%. Taking a Florida Premarital Course does not indicate that there is a problem with your relationship. In fact, it's purpose is to act as a preventative measure against future divorce. Many couples find that taking a Florida Premarital Course is an enjoyable couples activity that gives you a chance learn things about your partner that you either haven't considered or would ordinarily feel uncomfortable discussing.

4. "We feel uncomfortable with the idea of discussing our personal lives with a stranger."

No problem! You're not alone. That's one of the great things about FLPremaritalCourse.com. Since it's fully online, it's essentially a DIY option where you get the guidance and wisdom of a premarital counselor, all from the comfort of your own home!

5. "We've both been married before so we know what to expect and don't need any premarital counseling."

If you were previously in a marriage that failed, you could absolutely benefit most from learning how to increase your chances of success! While you may have learned a lot from your past marriages, you must also consider that every marriage is different and taking a Florida Premarital Course will help you understand what success in your upcoming marriage will require. Plus, couples entering into a second or third marriage often experience challenges with step-children and other unique barriers that premarital counseling can help overcome.