We are Approved in all 67 Florida Counties

In order to get your $25 discount on your Florida marriage license, and skip the 3 day waiting period, you must take a premarital course from an approved provider in the county where you apply for your marriage license.

But don't worry, we are approved in all 67 counties in Florida. To become an approved provider, each county has different approval processes and many requirements we must meet.

Approved Counties & their Certificate Handling process

We are an approved premarital preparation course provider in all 67 Florida counties.

Note: Counties identify approved providers under either the instructor's name and/or in the company name- we are registered with our instructor's name Elizabeth Hekimian-Williams, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, and/or as Envision Love, LLC.

Click on each county below to view more details about the county.

* This county requires an original certificate as proof that you have completed this course. You will be asked to provide your mailing address after you complete the course so we can mail you the certificate. You can avoid the mailing delay by applying for your marriage license in a nearby county that accepts a printout of our digital certificate and does not require an original certificate. (You can get your Florida marriage license in any Florida county and use it to get married anywhere in Florida)

We are a Statewide Approved Premarital Provider

We are an approved premarital course provider for all 67 Florida counties. Locate the county you wished to become married, in order to find important marriage license information. Register for the Florida Premarital Course to get a discount on your marriage license, skip the 3-day waiting period, and learn vital skills that will help you achieve a satisfying, life-long marriage.