The Perfect Gift for Any Couple

Whether your favorite couple recently got engaged or has an upcoming bridal shower, don't just give them another coffee maker or toaster (we all know that they'll get that from someone else, anyway)! Give them an experience wedding gift that will enhance their relationship and really get them prepared for marriage.

Our premarital course makes the perfect gift for any couple aiming to achieve a life-long marriage. With divorce rates rising, your gift will go a long way in keeping the couple happy and successful! Who could ask for more? Not only will your gift show the couple how much you care about their marital success, you could actively help them cross something off their hectic wedding checklist.

Narrated & Fun!

Couples can now sit back & listen to our course as it is fully narrated. Makes a great date night to intimately learn more about your future partner, goals and intentions.

Florida Premarital Course for Couples

Save the Couple $25 On Their Marriage License!

If there are wedding plans in the works, give them a hand crossing items off their list. One of the most common things that couples forget to do before their wedding is purchase their marriage license! This leads to panic and mayhem (especially if the wedding is only days away) since you can't get married without the license. When they take our premarital course, the State of Florida will give them a $25 discount off of their marriage license purchase and allow them to waive the 3-day marriage license waiting period!

Make Their Marriage Stronger

Couples that take a premarital course are 30% less likely to seek a divorce! Show your favorite couple how much you care about them by helping them get on the path towards lifelong love and happiness. Our premarital course offers couples fun, interactive activities, videos and content which will provide them with valuable tools that will surely come in handy throughout their marriage. As an added bonus, our premarital course is mobile-friendly which allows couples to complete the course anywhere with internet access at their own leisure!

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

  • Show them how much you care about their future.
  • Help them reduce their likelihood of divorce by 30%.
  • Prepare them for changes that occur in marriage.
  • Exciting opportunity to learn more about each other.
  • Provide them with a discount on their marriage license.
  • Eliminate their 3-day marriage license waiting period.