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The State of Florida requires all state residents (both partners) to wait 3 days to get married once applying for your marriage license. You can take our Approved course and skip the 3 day waiting period. 

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Skip Florida's 3 day Waiting Period

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Skip the 3 Day Waiting Period

and Receive $25 Credit from County off of your Marriage License!


Pay one time, setup ONE ACCOUNT and you will have the opportunity to enter your name and your partner’s name for the Certificate of Completion immediately after registration. 


Upon Completion, bring your Certificate back to your Marriage License office. There you will both fill out your marriage license application, pay for it and obtain your official marriage license. 


 Be sure to bring cash or a check, 2 forms of ID (Ex: drivers license, passport, utility bill with your name) listed and current address, or you will not be able to obtain it.

Fully Reimbursed by County!

The State of Florida values our Course as they will discount your marriage license by $25.

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We are an approved Florida Premarital Provider for this course. Our course has fun interactive activities for couples without any boring reading like other providers.

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We are approved in all 67 Counties!

Chapter 1: Change is inevitable

Change is inevitable as individuals and as a couple get ready for all of the exiting changes. Many adventures await. A long term lasting relationships always have risks and unfortunately divorce is at an outstanding high. This chapter will go over how to minimize your risks for divorce. 

Chapter 2: Respect & Encouragement

What do you say and do with your partner to feel encouraged and valued? Positive communication always promotes a happy and successful relationship. Encouraging each other means you are accepting of them and treating each other as equals and individuals. This chapter also goes over the a discouraging partner so you are both aware of what negative toll this takes on each other and your relationship.

Chapter 3: Your Love Type

There are several ways people feel “loved”.  This chapter will go over all of these love types. In other words, if your partner’s love language is affection as their way of feeling loved and you buy them gifts instead, they may not feel loved.  There are actually 5 love languages.  Click on the button below for a fun activity on this topic.

The Five Languages of Love?

  • Words of affirmation
    • Ex. “You look nice today.”
  • Quality time
    • Ex. Spending time with each other
  • Physical Touch
    • Ex. Hugs, kisses, holding hands
  • Acts of Service
    • Ex. Going out of your way to do something nice like washing their car
  • Receiving gifts
    • Ex. Buying flowers or a special chocolate treat for no reason at all.

Chapter 4: Couple's Closeness

Couple’s closeness is necessary to have a loving relationship. What about a hug? This is just one expression of love that is valued by many couples.  Couple’s closeness is one of the Top 10 strengths for happy married couples. What about spending more time together to feel close? This is just another example. This chapter will go over many ways to stay close.

Chapter 5: Making each other a priority

What is your priority in your life together?  Is work a top priority or your family? Do you think a neglected partner and neglected family will attribute to a happy life together? If neglected, will you feel close to your partner? Making each other the priority means putting your partner first and making life decisions that won’t jeopardize your relationship. It may even entail changing jobs.  Making time for each other is also one of the 5 love languages.

Chapter 6: Strengths and Wish-to-Enhance Your Relationship

Appreciate your successes in your relationship instead of the failures. There are always more successes than failures at most things you do generally.  Appreciate and acknowledge those as it will help work towards growth and improvements in your relationship. Strength and abilities contribute to one of the Top 10 strengths for happy married couples.

Chapter 7: Improving Communication

Communication is essential to any successful relationship. Never assume your partner knows you love them. Show them! Satisfaction in how we talk to each other is another Top 10 strengths for happy married couples. Do this often and regularly. Never let the candle burn out. This chapter goes over many ways to help IMPROVE communication with your partner like: have fun with each other, talk to each other. Having fun together supports positive communication. Avoid putting your partner on the defensive, which leads to a conflict and argument. This doesn’t do any good to your relationship and doesn’t foster positive outcomes.

Chapter 8: Managing Anger

When anger is initiated, what do you think of the consequences?  Take a deep breath and think about the consequences and your reaction before you speak or react. If you love your partner you truly wouldn’t want to hurt their feelings and drive a wedge between you both. This will not results in a happy marriage. You control your thoughts. So,  if you are thinking angrily, only you are doing this. You are ALWAYS in control.

Chapter 9: Couples Flexibility & Creativity

Couples Flexibility & Creativity is another Top 10 strengths for happy married couples. Flexible couples will overcome many challenges and changes that come their way. Not everything will go your way, so be prepared to handle anything together. Try to consider your partner’s point-of-view as this encourages better problem solving and reduces criticisms and emotions. 

Chapter 10: Managing Conflicts

You both are to share problems together as they should be “our problems”.  There are several skills in order to tackle problems together like negotiating, speaking respectfully to each other and several more. Satisfactory conflict resolution is another Top 10 strengths for happy married couples.

Chapter 11: Can I Please Change You?

Do you criticize your partner?  Do you complain about something or nag your partner? This occurs when you are not happy with something your partner isn’t doing.  Do you think you can change someone else? We will discuss this further in this chapter.

Chapter 12: Are You Fighting for Control?

“Where love rules, there is no will to power; and where power predominates there love is lacking. The one is the shadow of the other.” ~ Carl Jung. This says a lot of things and a terrific quote. Neither of you are better or superior than the other. Love and power are intimately related. This chapter will go over more of this topic.

Chapter 13: Affection, Touch & Sex

Affection means different things to different people. It can range from hugging, kissing, holding hands or more intimate things. You should make it clear to your partner what it means to you. This chapter goes into exercises in how to meet the need for affection.

Chapter 14: Preparing for Children

Having children is definitely a new adventure. you will share together. So many things have been told to you what will happen next. You really have no idea of what the whole experience will be like. As time goes on, you experience new things. This chapter goes into how your lives will change and how to tackle these changes together.

Chapter 15: Family, Friends and Boundaries

Setting boundaries with family and friends can be a sensitive subject. Some families are close and some aren’t. Other families and friends can have problems prior to or after their marriage. Setting limits with family and friends will decrease meddling in your marriage and important decisions. This ultimately reduces negativity that could enter your lives together.

Chapter 16: Dollars and Sense: Financial Management

Everyone is always worried about money and this topic is actually another Top 10 Strength for Happy Married couples and is VERY Important! Money comes and goes. It is great when you have it and stressful when you don’t. As you tackle financial issues you will tackle them together. This chapter will outline how to do financial planning and management.

Chapter 17: Forgiveness Does Not Mean Forgetting

Forgiveness is not about forgetting. It is about letting go of another person’s throat. ~Wm. Paul Young. This refers to the idea that you don’t need to forget what the other person did or how they hurt you in order to forgive. However, you do need to give up the continuation of punishing the other person and making them suffer. We go over many solutions in how to deal with forgiveness.

Chapter 18: Spiritual Beliefs

“Live a good life. If there are gods and they are just then they will not care how devout you have been but will welcome you based on the virtues you have lived by. If there are gods, but unjust, then you should not want to worship them. If there are no gods then you will be gone but will have lived a noble life that will live on in the memories of your loved ones.” ~Marcus Aurelius – Meditations. Agreement with how spiritual values and beliefs are expressed is another Top 10 Strength reported by Happily Married Couples.

Chapter 19: Professional Help

Some people feel uneasy about going to talk to a counselor or pastor about their personal and marital problems. New points of view can be VERY beneficial especially when there is motivation from the both of you to do so. Getting other perspectives from a 3rd party help boost an already loving and strong relationship.

Chapter 20: Tending Your Relationship Long-Term

“We do not stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing!” ~Benjamin Franklin. How will you continue to make your relationship fun, enjoyable and loving? Staying active, play, being young at heart help contribute to tending to your long-term relationship to make it “feel worth it”. This chapter goes over techniques in how to do this.

Chapter 21: Sneak Peek: Florida Marriage Laws

Laws very by state, so you may want to discuss prenuptial agreements and wills with an attorney prior to marriage for each of your benefits. This chapter covers some laws in case of medical and death eligibilities and benefits.

Chapter 22: Couples on the Road Less Traveled

The traditional and typical notion of marriage has generally been of a young, heterosexual, childless couple, in a first-time marriage. While such couples still make up a high percentage of new marriages, some couples don’t exactly fit those demographics. We can consider these other couples to be on a marital “road less traveled.” They may include partners who are older, interracial, of the same gender, remarrying, or who already have children. Still, each love and each marriage is unique and beautiful. We will discuss many differences in this chapter such as discrimination and how to tackle this together.